Without plugins, WordPress wouldn’t be nearly as valuable as it is with them.  There are thousands of WordPress plugins available that can extend the functionality of your Web site and the best part is that most of them are FREE.  Now would be a good time for you to go back into your WordPress dashboard if you aren’t alread there.  Find the tab on the left-hand side that reads “plugins”.  Click that link and you will notice that the menu will expand with other sub-menus below it.  Click the button that reads “Add New”.

Let’s assume that we want to install a plugin that will allow us to have a related posts function on our site.  In the search box on this page, type in the phrase, “related posts” and click search.  You will notice that WordPress will go out into the wild and find all of the plugins that meet your specified search criteria.  You can now browse through the different plugins until you find one that you like.  Once you find one, simply click the button that reads “Install”.  The installation will complete and then you will click the link that reads “activate”.  That is all there is to installing a plugin!  Pretty simple, huh?

Watch my video below which will show you this simple process.

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Table of Contents

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Step 1 – Register Your Domain (Web site address)

Step 2 – Setup Your Web Site Hosting Account

Step 3 – Point Your DNS Servers With Godaddy

Step 4 – Install WordPress

Step 5 – Configure WordPress Initial Settings

Step 6 – Install A Professional Looking Theme

Step 7 – Configure Your Theme Options

Step 8 – Install WordPress Plugins

Step 9 – Start Publishing!