Alrighty!  You have configured WordPress with the best settings possible and now it is time to install a theme.  The first thing that I want you to do is open a new tab in your browser and enter the domain of your site into your address bar.  This is the default theme that WordPress ships with.  Many people are happy with this type of theme, mostly bloggers.

If you are building a business site and you want to take advantage of the full power that WordPress has to offer, I am suggesting that you install a theme created by StudioPress.  Many of the tutorials in this E-Course and my membership site (future project) will assume that you are using a premium theme offered by StudioPress which offers numerous advantages over the free themes.  I have tried hundreds of themes and I can honestly say that StudioPress offers the nicest themes and the best technical support out of any of them.

These themes will run anywhere from $20 to $75 but please keep in mind that you aren’t paying for a web developer so you are saving ALOT of money there.  This is a one-time purchase and they will support it indefinitely.

Please note that it is impossible for me to provide documentation on how to use each theme.  For the sake of keeping things simple with this E-Course, I am going to be using a StudioPress theme powered by the Genesis framework.  I strongly suggest that you also use one of these themes as my future tutorials will be designed around the Genesis framework.  They have numerous themes that look absolutely stunning, click HERE to check them out!

StudioPress offers unbelievable customer service typically through online forums so you will never be left high and dry after you purchase a theme.

Alright, you have purchased your theme and you are ready to get it installed on your site.  First things, first, you should have received a download link of where you can download your new theme.  Go ahead and download the theme and save it to a folder on your local hard drive and remember where you save it!

When you download themes from the Internet, they will come in a format called “.zip”.

After you have downloaded your newly purchased theme onto your computer, watch the video below.

<<<<Step 5 – Configure WordPress Step 7 – Configuring Theme Options>>>>

Table of Contents

Main Menu

Step 1 – Register Your Domain (Web site address)

Step 2 – Setup Your Web Site Hosting Account

Step 3 – Point Your DNS Servers With Godaddy

Step 4 – Install WordPress

Step 5 – Configure WordPress Initial Settings

Step 6 – Install A Professional Looking Theme

Step 7 – Configure Your Theme Options

Step 8 – Install WordPress Plugins

Step 9 – Start Publishing!