Alright, you are all set.  You have successfully setup your hosting account, configured your domain name, and installed WordPress onto your server.  Now we need to go into WordPress and optimally configure the software.

Simply follow my video below step-by-step and again, use the pause button if you need to stop between steps so you can keep up with what I am doing.

<<<<Step 4 – Install WordPress Step 6 – Install A Professional Looking Theme>>>>

Table of Contents

Main Menu

Step 1 – Register Your Domain (Web site address)

Step 2 – Setup Your Web Site Hosting Account

Step 3 – Point Your DNS Servers With Godaddy

Step 4 – Install WordPress

Step 5 – Configure WordPress Initial Settings

Step 6 – Install A Professional Looking Theme

Step 7 – Configure Your Theme Options

Step 8 – Install WordPress Plugins

Step 9 – Start Publishing!