Before continuing with this step, be sure that you have already signed up with a hosting plan through Hostgator.  Also be sure that you have secured a domain and have pointed it at the correct Hostgator DNS servers.

Now is the fun part, getting our hands on the powerful software called WordPress.  Some of you are probably asking, “What is WordPress?”  WordPress is the content management software that will power your Web site and guess what…it is 100% FREE!

WordPress started out as simply a blogging tool and has evolved into a powerful content management system.  Because of the numerous plugins, the functionality of this sytem is ever expanding and you can do practically anything with this software.  I consider this a gift from the gods.  I absolutely love this software and you will too once you begin using it.

This will take less than three minutes to do.  Simply follow my video tutorial provided below and use the pause button if you need to stop in between steps.

<<<<Step 3 – DNS Configuration Step 5 – Configure WordPress>>>>

Table of Contents

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Step 1 – Register Your Domain (Web site address)

Step 2 – Setup Your Web Site Hosting Account

Step 3 – Point Your DNS Servers With Godaddy

Step 4 – Install WordPress

Step 5 – Configure WordPress Initial Settings

Step 6 – Install A Professional Looking Theme

Step 7 – Configure Your Theme Options

Step 8 – Install WordPress Plugins

Step 9 – Start Publishing!