What in the world is Web site hosting, you may ask.  To put it simple, Web hosting is a home for your Web site.  In order for you to serve your Web pages within your site to the millions of people browsing the Internet, you need a server to place your site on.  I know, I know, this sounds very difficult doesn’t it?  It isn’t and in-fact, it is actually very simple.

Over my past thirteen years of Web design, I have used numerous hosting companies.  I finally stumbled upon one that absolutely rocks and I will continue promoting them as long as they provide the awesome service and customer support that I have come to expect.

The company that you will want to use for your hosting is Host Gator.  Their hosting service is very inexpensive and their customer service and technical support is unreal!  Be sure not to register your domain name through Host Gator.  You will save a few bucks by going with Go Daddy which I covered in the previous step (click here for step 1).

Host Gator offers multiple hosting plans that you can see by clicking HERE.  If you are going to be setting up only one site, then all you need to do is pick the “Hatchling” plan.  If you plan on creating numerous sites, I would suggest signing up for their “Baby” plan.  This is the plan that I have and it allows me to create unlimited Web sites and keep them all organized under one username and password.  Believe me, it isn’t fun trying to manage multiple sites with different logins.

By using one of these plans, you will be placed on what is called “shared hosting”, which means your Web site will be hosted on the same server as other Host Gator customers.  In essence, you are sharing a server with other Web sites.  If your site ever gets large enough, you will need to graduate to a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server but the shared hosting will work for 90% of people and it is least expensive.  If you ever come to the point where you need to upgrade your account, Host Gator will do this for you and no additional cost.  I had to do that with my Web site a few years ago and the process was simple.

Go ahead and signup for a hosting account by clicking HERE.  Once on the Host Gator site, you will want to click the button that reads “View Web Hosting Plans”.  This step will only take you a few minutes and be sure to have your credit card ready.

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