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  • Install Google Play On Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet

How To Install Google Play On Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet

This tutorial will show you how to install Google Play Store on the Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet.  The process will also remove the annoying sponsored lock screens that come built into the budget-friendly $49 7-inch tablet.

The new Amazon Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet has hit the market and is receiving some awesome reviews.  After my initial inspection, there were only two downsides, no Google Play App Store and the sponsored Lock Screens that come with the tablet are ridiculous.  There is no doubt that one of the reasons that Amazon can sell the tablet for such an inexpensive price is because of the sponsored lock screens.  Amazon provides the opportunity to remove the lock screens when you order your Fire 7 tablet through their Web site but it will cost you 15 bucks!  Following my tutorial on this page is FREE and you will also install Google Play Store as well.
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  • koditv_large

How To Update Kodi On Fire TV


Now that you have Kodi installed on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you will need to be able to update it without re-installing everything.  There will be numerous updates to Kodi in the future so it is important to learn how to update Kodi on Fire TV.

I have provided three options on how to update below and you should choose the option which works best for you.  In my opinion, the first two options are the easiest.  If you already have Google Drive connected to ES Explorer on your Fire TV/Stick, you should consider Option #2.  If you want to do this quickly without a computer, I would suggest using Option #1.  The video tutorials listed below will provide you with a more detailed outline […]

  • video-setup

How To Make Awesome Videos On The Cheap

Online video can be a very powerful medium in which you and your business can be seen by thousands of people in a short amount of time.  In my opinion, video production is more important than social media because of the quality and professionalism that we can now advertise our brands with.

Three weeks ago, I uploaded a video that provided instructions on how to install Kodi Media Center onto the Fire TV Stick.  I have a category on my Web site where I provide tutorials on my hobby projects that deal with electronics and this was one of those videos.  Within that two-week time-frame, I already  have 9,000 people who have viewed my video!  Out of those views, approximately 120 people have subscribed to my TROYPOINT YouTube Channel.  This is FREE marketing and the video only took me an hour to put together!

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  • chromebook-or-laptop-1

Chromebook Or Laptop Step-By-Step Decision Guide

If you have stumbled upon this post, you are in the same shoes that I was in a few months ago.  You are trying to decide whether you should buy a chromebook or laptop.

I put together this decision guide so you can pick the device that will work best for you and your specific situation.

Since this Web site is all about saving money and cutting expenses, if we can use a chromebook instead of a laptop and save money while doing it, then great!

Prior to purchasing, I probably read over twenty articles on how to decide between the two.  I currently use a Dell Inspiron laptop as my primary computer and it is a pretty heavy piece of hardware with short battery life.  I wanted to find something relatively inexpensive that had great battery duration that I could use while traveling.  When I first started looking around, I thought that […]

  • WordPress-Advertising-Plugin

WordPress Advertising Plugin Winner With Features

I have chosen the TROYPOINT WordPress advertising plugin winner and I am confident that you will enjoy the features that this plugin has to offer.

Due to the infinite amount of WordPress plugins floating around, I am going to post a winner for various WordPress plugins each week.  As WordPress technology improves, if a change needs to be made, I will edit each post to feature the new “Winner” in that plugin category.  Your kind comments under each post will allow me to look at WordPress plugins that I may have missed.  Please comment if you have a better suggestion.  I will also include a video tutorial on the plugin that I choose in each category which will save you the time necessary to try the plugin yourself.

I have found the TROYPOINT WordPress advertising plugin winner after months and years of trying so many different options.  I decided to take the […]